Vincent Palomares


Name Authors Links
Evaluating Out-of-Order Engine Limitations using Uop Flow Simulation Vincent Palomares, David C Wong, David J Kuck, William Jalby Bibtex/PDF
Combining Static and Dynamic Approaches to Model Loop Performance in HPC Vincent Palomares (Ph.D. Manuscript) TEL/Bibtex/PDF
VP3: A Vectorization Potential Performance Prototype David C Wong, Vincent Palomares, Emmanuel Oseret, Zakaria Bendifallah, Mathieu Tribalat, William Jalby, David J Kuck WPMVP'15/Bibtex/PDF
PAMDA: Performance Assessment Using MAQAO Toolset and Differential Analysis Zakaria Bendifallah, William Jalby, José Noudohouenou, Emmanuel Oseret, Vincent Palomares, Andres Charif Rubial DOI/Bibtex/PDF
Simsys: A Performance Simulation Framework José Noudohouenou, Vincent Palomares, William Jalby, David C Wong, David J Kuck, Jean Christophe Beyler DOI/Bibtex/PDF
MicroTools: Automating Program Generation and Performance Measurement Jean Christophe Beyler, Nicolas Triquenaux, Vincent Palomares, Farid Chabane, Thibault Fighiera, Jean-Philippe Halimi, William Jalby DOI/Bibtex/PDF